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thota.janaki nsrinivas

asked on 21 June 2016

human resource management

hi sir
i am sreenivas
i completed my MBA with HR in 2015
i want to become HR MANAGER
which type of skills should i learn

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Deiveegan J

asked on 10 December 2015

what are the govt projects that are available for MBA studn

oing my MBA (HR & Marketing)2nd year what kind of government project I can select & what are the main thing that I should focus on the project Regards Deiveegan

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mona arora

asked on 01 December 2015

project report on manpower planning


I need a project report on manpower planning.

Looking forward for the reply

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kooveli madom

asked on 16 September 2015

Staffing solutions

Has anybody heard of this company in staffing solutions and IT solutions business. Please send me whatever you know about this company for initiating a business partnership relations

Kooveli Madom

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vithal n upari

asked on 21 May 2015

Getting Back the EPF Data

Dear Experts,

I am working as accounts manager and taking care of PF. While using the software of EPF the monthly returns which we have alaredy filed till march 2015, but recently i am unable to view the report of the monthly data while importing the data. But i am able to view till 2013 data, even though i checked in the Computer C:programmes:EPFO:App code: but i am unable to view recent month details.

Therefore, i would like to know is there any option where i can get back those data till date.

Please help me and suggest.


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asked on 19 April 2014

ESIC nomination

Dear sir

There is an employee with us & he had worked with us three year. After that he was suffering from Cancer. he was treated with esic medic dispensary. After few month he was died. He has nominated his wife as nominee .after the death of her husband wife got married with some other . in that case who is liable get medical reimbursement banfite & pension form ESIC . she has a child of 5 year. & the employee’s father & mother has the grand son because she has refused to accept the baby.

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asked on 01 April 2014

Need Guideline...


I have completed my MBA in HR in 2012, i did not join any job since then and had a 2 year gap in my career because of my marriage and other responsibilities. But now i would like to enhance my carreer in the same field. Please guide me on what would be good for me at this time... phd or some training developement program....

I am interested in doing Phd in HR, please let me know for any good college offering Phd program.


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asked on 24 March 2014

Law applicable to worker who is employed for construction

Construction of 2nd floor what are the taxes and laws are attract?
When getting Bills from the Developer, what one has to check that invoice is correctly raised with breakup and there will no future liability to the owner of the assest on a/c of delivary the construction project to contractor /developer?

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mamta yadav

asked on 29 May 2013

Looking for HR- Assistant / Intern for Navi Mumbai company


I am looking for HR-Assistant for our Navi Mumbai based IT company

Duration : 3 to 5 months,(July to Nov)
Qualification: Pursuing HR Specialization
Location: CBD Belapur
Preference: HR Intern

interested candidate reply soon


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Sunil Barandwal

asked on 02 April 2013

Compensation management

what is compensation management?

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