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asked on 16 August 2018

Career guidance

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost and Management Accountant, Company Secretary and a B Com graduate from Mumbai university. I have 17 years of experience in Accounts/ Finance and as a Comapany secretary

If I want to pursue a course to further my career should I take up IIM executive program (Finance) or CFA or CPA (USA)?
Pl. guide.
Farhad Kapadia

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asked on 09 August 2018



Could you please help me to find out the answer for below question.

Not in position to identify the base for this sum.

Question :

Test the dependence between type of Hair and Eye color of the individual using the following information.

X axis & Y axis table has been given.


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asked on 23 June 2018


How to check weather cma data is correct or not

how to verify it anylisis

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asked on 23 March 2018


Anybody have idea about Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code - Asset Class- Securities or Financial Assets

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Member (Account Deleted)

asked on 12 May 2016

Academic career in abroad

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to get a Lecturer (academic) job in foreign after MBA in Finance with some years of banking experience in India...???

Arun Kumar P

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Member (Account Deleted)

asked on 12 May 2016

Doubt regarding career

Hi everyone,
I have a doubt. i have completed my MBA in Finance. I got job in private sector bank as clerk. My doubt was If i got 5 years experience in bank , Whether it will be considered as an industrial experience for teaching finance (academic career) in college ? .

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abdul ateeq

asked on 24 April 2016


my MBA aggregate percentage lies between 55-60%
can i do SAP FICO

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karan batra

asked on 21 March 2016

mba colleges

finance from tapmi or pgdm finance from lbsim or finance from fore?

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asked on 12 March 2016

project query

I sm an mba student i would like to know some finance related project topics on hospitality industry

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Prasanna D L

asked on 09 March 2016

Investment problems

You can borrow at a certain rate for a one year period. You have Rs. 150,000 today and
you can consume today or a year later. You also have an opportunity to invest at in a
startup venture for a year at 9% returns. If decide to consume everything (the maximum
you can) now and nothing one year later. You realize that the amount you can consume is
Rs. 152,804. Given this, what is the borrowing rate in the market today?

Kindly provide detailed calculation pls.

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