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asked on 20 August 2016


Help me with the correct response.

The traditional elements of the Marketing Mix have become irrelevant in the modern world”. Give your reasoned view, either agreeing or disagreeing with the above statement.

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Rajesh P Pradhan

asked on 07 July 2016

Franchisee Offer

Hi Experts please advise!

The Project Details are available on

Kindly study and let me know how do we set this up on fast track.

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asked on 15 November 2015

Contractors search

I am running a training centre promoting computer education.

My education centre is offering certificate from central government department.

We have two types service delivery models
a. Direct care to students
b. Institution tie-up's

Some of my other commitments pulls me out from computer training service business. I find difficult to comprehensively utilize the full potential of my Training Centre.

As per my estimations my Training centre could fetch more than 36 lakhs of business. Infrastructure is readily available.

I'd like to share the business income with anybody who can handle the operation process on contract basis.

Interested Managers having ambition but looking for investment can utilise this opportunity

Dear Managers, Alternatively, Kindly guide me how to find a Contractor for this deal.

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asked on 05 August 2014

Insurance product

what are the products used in private co under head "DNP" policy director officer policy . how it is benefited? to whom it is useful?

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asked on 10 April 2014

window display

for window display , is govt of local of Mumbai municiple require to take permission in mumbai ?

what formality is require to Fulfill?

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keerthana. m

asked on 05 July 2013

summer project

i am doing my MBA(Hr & marketing) and for the next six months I was supposed to do my summer project and i wish to do my project in marketing.please suggest me the company and project title as soon as possible.

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asked on 17 May 2013

summer training of b.b.a

i am the student of b.b.a .can any one tell the best suitable topic in marketing for summer training..

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Krishan Sahay

asked on 23 December 2012

Supply and distribution

How can we manage waybill,excise docs,and other docs in a best way in a supply and distribution channel

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asked on 21 October 2012

Operation workout

Dear expert,
i have choosen operational workout on "d2h vs cable tv".please tell me how to start & also give me some guidelines.


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asked on 06 August 2012

Help in Project report

Respected Sir I am an MBA Marketing student, i did my summer internship project in a systems company. I was marketing a financial derivative software. Now i have no idea how to make a project on that and prepare a questionnaire.
please help me.

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