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Doctrate in International Business Report Abuse

Category : Others | This query is : resolved

author : Lalit Kumar Sharma

Posted On
23 May 2018

Dear Expert,

I am planning to pursue Doctorate of Business Administration / PhD in International Business, but of course, in a couple of years time. Topic I am thinking of is - Study of Blockchain Technology in revolutionizing International Trade, though I am also open to any other topic as well related to International Trade.

I hereby seek your advice if the topic I am thinking of selecting for my doctoral research study is good enough and would help in career advancement as this is a pretty new topic but an industry buzz.

On personal front, I have a total work experience of 9.5 years in the varied fields of Marketing, International trade, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement.

Waiting for your suitable advice on this,


Lalit Sharma


Expert : Member (Account Deleted)

Posted On
19 July 2018

blockchain is relevant to transactions of money . not directly related to trade .but you can explore possibilities and exustg links if any to international trade facilitation.

you can do
DBA or PhD .latter is better option

choice of topic has several points . it needs literature survey in detail.
once this is done half job is done a soon as research proposl is made out justifying research .and its approval after presentation. doctorate cant be done without mentor and guide specially to cut time .

if you need external guide you may contact undersigned




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