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MBA & CA (Master of Masters)

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Description Experience more now than ever before with the new community "MBA & CA (Master of Masters)". Newest trends in the MBA market and questions: For whom is an MBA worthwhile? What are the career prospects? How can I recognize black sheep? What are the developments within the MBA market? What`s a benefit of doing an MBA in Asia? What problems are there when it comes to finding a job? and discuss the future of management regarding social responsibility and leadership skills. “MBA (Master of Masters)” through which you can make contacts, swap experiences and discuss opinions. In short: "It is the direct wire to understand the world of business schools. The meeting point for current and potential MBA students" The reward: 1. the confidence to lead 2. lasting friendships 3. mentors and business contact for life 4. Sense of accomplishment and pride
Owner CA CS Prakash Somani
Creation Date 22/09/2008 10:54:21
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plzzzzzzzzzzz help...............urgent 1
Join Business Analyst 1
CS Club India – 2
case studies on adr, gdr, fccb and ecb 1
Final Tips for Summar Training 6
If you have done your summer training in the field of marketing, can you actually get a job in finance? 1
Project Vs. Brand Name 1
How should one prepare for summer training? 1
The Great MBA Summer 1
What are the Minimum Required things known by an MBA from Financial Reporting Point of View 2
Good News !!! 1
Part-Time MBA Programs- pros and cons 5
Part time MBA vs. Full time MBA? Which one to choose? 2
Indian Institutes of Management Common Admission Test (IIM CAT) 1
Join English club 1
MBA vs CA: Which is better? 3
CFA Vs. MBA, Which Is Best For You? 1
MBA Gide 1
MBA in finance can prove lucrative 1
informations regarding MBA..."procedures and expenses" 1
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