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Finance & Accounts (Professional)- (112)
We are here for utilize, distribute, share and contribute each-other knowledge about out stream and professional.

Accounting club- (160)
A forum to discuss various aspects of accounting

English Club- (233)
A forum exclusively for English

MBA & CA (Master of Masters)- (250)
Experience more now than ever before with the new community "MBA & CA (Master of Masters)". Newest trends in the MBA market and questions: For whom is an MBA worthwhile? What are the career prospects? How can I recognize black sheep? What are the developments within the MBA market? What`s a benefit of doing an MBA in Asia? What problems are there when it comes to finding a job? and discuss the future of management regarding social responsibility and leadership skills. “MBA (Master of Masters)” through which you can make contacts, swap experiences and discuss opinions. In short: "It is the direct wire to understand the world of business schools. The meeting point for current and potential MBA students" The reward: 1. the confidence to lead 2. lasting friendships 3. mentors and business contact for life 4. Sense of accomplishment and pride

Group Dicussion- (48)
Nowadays Group Discussion is being extensively used along with personal interviews for the final selection of candidates. It plays a main role in selecting the best among the best. Having scored high marks, students who get selected for a higher/another course or employment are placed on a par - on equal footing - based on their age, qualification and experience. It becomes necessary to conduct further screening for choosing a few among many. It is here, the Group Discussion plays an important part. It helps in choosing the socially suitable candidate among the academically superior achievers. It is one of the best tools to study the behavioral and attitudinal responses of the participants. Rightly speaking, Group Discussion is more a technique than a conventional test. In fact it is one of the most important and popular techniques being used in a number of personality tests. It is a technique or a method used for screening candidates as well as testing their potential. It is also designed as a situation test wherein a sample of a candidate's group worthiness and potential as a worker comes out quite explicitly Lets joined this Group and start your GD between different members of "MBAClubindia" and increase your skill and knowlwdge by sharing different types of views among members

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