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Financial Technology

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Tony Buchanon, Monty Steuck, Justin G Mamen, jitendraww, Ashok Lahoty, Muralidhar Kotti,
Description Creating this community to discuss on developments in Banking and Financial Technology areas. Also would like to use this as a platform to impart knowledge in banking technology domain through articles, discussions. Happy to welcome you!!
Owner Muralidhar Kotti
Creation Date 19/11/2015 16:52:25
Total Members 6

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Muralidhar Kotti

Ashok Lahoty


Justin G Mamen

Monty Steuck

Tony Buchanon

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What it takes to be a Techno-Functional Articles
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Chartered Accountants India Poll

Can a MBA Finance grad make a career in IT space?
Cannot Say
Submitted By::Muralidhar Kotti

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