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Government approves 6 Proposals of FDIGovernment approves 6 Proposals of FDI

Based on the recommendations of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board in its 244th meeting held on 29thMarch 2017, the Government has approved six FDI proposals and recommended one proposal for the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) as per

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Wants sugesstions on topics- Internship in CA firm

Posted by Priya

i am pursuing bcom and in 4 th semester . i am doing internship at chartered accountant firm .but all the activities performed at firm are almost related to tax .till 4th semester we have not taught tax so it become diifcult for me to prepare report of 50 pages . now i want suggestion of some accounting topics in practical life of Charterd accountant so that i can make my project report for college .

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Defining Executive Presence

Executive presence is easy to spot yet tough to define. Clearly, leaders seem to have this quality in abundance. Interestingly, having a better executive presence is closely linked to rapid promotions, attracts positive attention and inspires others

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7 Secrets of Investing the Warren Buffett way

Human beings always have a natural tendency to follow the crowd, but when it comes to share market investing, following the crowd can more often result in ending up with losses. Why do you copy the mediocrity of the masses when you can replicate the

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Direct selling guidelines in India

'Direct selling' means marketing, distribution, and sale of goods or providing of services as a part of network of direct selling other than under a pyramid scheme. Provided that such sale of goods or services occurs otherwise than through a

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