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Supply Chain Summit 2014 at IIM UdaipurSupply Chain Summit 2014 at IIM Udaipur

15 Jan 2014 After the grand success of the Analytics and E-commerce Excursus events, it is time for IIM Udaipur to host the Supply Chain Summit on 18th it is the first B-school in India to organize a Summit, dedicated exclusively to Supply Chain

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Is EMBA a masters degree

Posted by Hercules

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have done Graduate Diploma in Materials Management from Indian Institute of Materials Management( 2 year course). I want to do masters course.

1) Is EMBA a masters course.

2) Is it recognised in Companies.

3) Since i have already done a 2 year management course should i do a master of commerce or EMBA. Which will be better.
Now i am 46 years old.

Thanks for your responses in advance.

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