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FM announced Pension of EPS95 members has been increased to Rs.1000 PM attribution FM announced Pension of EPS95 members has been increased to Rs.1000 PM attribution

Dear All, All of us are aware that Finance Minister has announced in the budget address that minimum pension will be paid @ Rs 1,000/ per month under the Pension Scheme 1995. It indicates that those who have retired in the past and have been drawing

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Executive Development Programs

Posted by v ra

What should be the content for a three day program for Top Managers from the banking Industry?

The course is proposed to be conducted at/around Mumbai in the month of February 2017.

Trainers also welcome to send their details

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Is Obedience to Your Boss (yes sir) Always the Right Way

Many a time young professionals / executives are confronted with the question ‘should I always agree or should I differ with my boss’ in their initial years of working life. What happens if I differ? Will I lose my job? My promotion? My i

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Know your enemy within - it helps

Know your enemy within � It Pays Kooveli Madom This booklet is a beginners� compendium of drivers of success and failure in goal attainment. It attempts to expose what are not taught in classrooms, especially thought processes guiding a

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Food for thought for MBAs and potential managers

What you need to grow and develop in your life Practice continuous learning, be ready to unlearn and relearn Have an open mind and enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy doing Opportunities exist, if you have an open eye, ear and most important mi

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