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The Role of Test Proctoring in E-learning

Posted on : 05/02/2018 10:57:55


In recent times, we all have witnessed the increased popularity of e-learning and how effective it has become for improving performance in multiple fields. E-learning is unquestionably one of the most practical and convenient ways of advancing our knowledge and its astounding growth has begun to replace various tradition teaching methods over the years.


All thanks to e-learning, now we have an option to select various different courses that can be done entirely online. It has proved to be successful in educational as well as the corporate sector as it has improved the ways of learning for students and working professionals.


On one hand, the process of learning online offers many advantages such as it reduces the cost of education and increases learning opportunity for people residing at remote locations, however, on the other hand, it struggles to acquire legitimacy as compared to the conventional approach to learning. Non- proctored online tests have become the root of this problem.


As more & more people are choosing to take up e-learning these days, it has become a necessity to have powerful online proctoring services that are secure and efficient. In order to support this, a lot many educational and distance courses require students to take proctored exams. The idea behind these exams is to create a supervised sitting with an individual to ensures student and exam integrity.


It is difficult to ignore the fact that the chances of cheating while giving an online test are way higher than during an in-house test in the presence of a human proctor. It is due to this fact that the e-learning industry has created a need for various supporting technologies to add some reliability in the testing process.


There are various ways through which innovative technological solutions can be used for online test proctoring. This can range from using video surveillance at a test site to installing automated cognitive remote proctoring solutions to avoid the cases of impersonation & cheating. 


Online testing has been remarkably authenticated since technological solutions such as software and webcam-based remote monitoring came into the picture, however, a human touch is required to make the testing process even more stable. The presence of an Administrator is extremely relevant to ensure the fairness and efficiency of the surveillance systems, in order to legitimate the online learning process.


With the increase in demand for online college and degree courses, e-learning has undoubtedly become the future of learning. To cater this demand from people who wish to receive quality education from distance learning programs, it is essential to have a mix of human as well as remote proctoring to add some more validation in the e-learning system.


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