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Talent Management Institute is the world's largest certification and credentialing body for HR, HCM and Learning Management Professionals, across 178 countries and 7000+ locations.

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Posted on : 26/10/2017 09:51:27

With a much more competitive market and millions out of work, job seekers require something extraordinary to excel. Contracting chiefs are regularly overwhelmed with resumes for few positions, and they search for applicants that emerge. A declaration in a territory of claim to fame will make you more appealing to managers and give you the edge you require in the HR industry.


As per a recent survey by Labor Statistics, HR job positions are growing rapidly- especially for those who have a human resource certificate. This expansion is a reaction to the quantity of organizations that are recouping from the monetary retreat and getting new representatives with hr certifications. At no other time has there been a more noteworthy interest for gifted HR chiefs, generalists and partners.


Organizations these days are either recruiting professionals with a human resource certificate or are conducting HR certification programs online for their in-house employees. HR certifications have become an indispensable part of every organization today.


An HR certification showcases the aptitude and competency to the employers which is important to complete the basic hierarchical capacity. These human resource certificate programs are offered by a scope of instructive foundations, from physical colleges to Web-based school programs. The declaration program is regularly offered in a quickened organize, enabling understudies to learn while keeping up a full-time profession.


Gaining an accreditation by pursuing HR certifications program online will go about as a lift to your work prospects. The survey reports that HR supervisors earn a middle compensation of around $90,000 in 2010. This compensation is just anticipated that would move as organizations battle to procure the best ability from their huge pool of candidates. Winning extra accreditation will give you an edge over the counterparts and the information and preparing expected to perform well at work.


Vocation Advantages in Earning your HR Certificate/ HR certification program online

The human asset administration program sets you up for the better purposes of talking, enlisting and maintenance that are important for the position. Courses, for example, union administration, finance, contracting, benefits administration and strife determination are standard in many projects. A considerable lot of these programs are controlled by previous contracting administrators, human asset generalists and advantages supervisors. Alumni of these projects in many cases, the endorsement in human asset administration will give you an edge with more experience.


When you have gotten your HR certification and secured an HR administration vocation, there are industry associations that offer propelled accreditation. The Senior Professional Human Resources confirmation is offered to senior HR experts and can enable you to move assist in your vocation while there are many certifications offered by the Talent Management Institute that are also vendor-neutral certifications. These kinds of certifications enable you to progress to the largest amounts of positioning in the HR to field and increment your profit exponentially.


On the off chance that you are thinking about putting your opportunity into a human asset administration certification, you are settling on an insightful decision. Contracting directors regularly need to filter because many candidates of the similar profile apply to fill a vacant position. Your authentication will influence you to emerge among alternate candidates and give you an edge in the vocation showcase.


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How to Become a Human Resources Specialist

Posted on : 20/07/2017 12:21:09

The human resources specialist is often referred to an HR specialist who is responsible for a special type of human resources work in any organization. They are more common in large companies actually and work in HR consulting firms including Aon Hewitt or Deloitte Consulting. Their work depends on the specialty of the work.


What You Will be doing

You will be working with the hiring manager to develop the ideal candidate criteria, collaborate with the headhunters and analyze multiple job boards to search employees, attract the right ones and match them to jobs, coordinate relocation, and everything.


You’ll be serving as a liaison between employees and the management which means you have to negotiate with unions over contracts and grievances, resolve lots of disputes, direct employee health benefits, and safety programs.


You have to organize and conduct orientation programs for new joiners to provide an ongoing educational information for the employee. You’ll determine which training, design materials and workshops are necessary for presentations.


Job analysis is another part of your duties. You have to identify and document job duties and requirements and their relative importance, by using data to improve training materials and processes. Determining compensation, developing job titles and descripttions have to be done by the HR specialist.


Preparing benefits and salary packages, ensuring the benefits meet the needs of the employees, designing performance reviews, establishing bonus and stock options plans, developing pay structure.


After first recognizing a business' needs, an HR specialist enables find to work hopefuls who are most met all requirements to meet them. He or she screens work applicants by taking a gander at their resumes, directing meetings and performing record verifications. The HR specialist may likewise advise candidates of their acknowledgment or dismissal. His or her work may not go past enrollment and arrangement of representatives, but rather frequently it does. An HR specialist may arrange new contracts by clarifying organization or association approaches, methods, and advantages. Some HR specialists additionally have different obligations including benefits organization and representative maintenance.  HR specialists might be generalists or they may practice. Forte territories incorporate enlistment, meeting and occupation arrangement.


While there are no particular necessities to work in this occupation, acquiring a four-year college education in HR administration, business or a related major can build your odds of landing a position. Winning a degree in psychology, especially with a minor or double major in HR or business, can likewise give a great advantage to this profession. Despite one's significant, coursework ought to incorporate staff organization, HR and work relations, sociologies, business organization and behavioral sciences.


HR specialists aren't required to wind up noticeably confirmed however doing as such can improve the probability of progressing in this field. A few HR institutes offer multiple programs. The HR Certification Institute (HRCI), for instance, offers a few accreditations that depend on instruction, experience, and examination.


Notwithstanding instructive prerequisites and willful accreditation, an HR professional additionally needs certain aptitudes (individual qualities) to prevail in this occupation. An HR specialist ought to have great communication skills and in addition the capacity to pass on data through composing. Practical insight and basic leadership aptitudes are additionally required.


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Learn digital Marketing through digital Marketing Certification Programs

Posted on : 15/02/2017 17:33:29

3,675,824,813. The number isn’t Fibonacci mathematical algorithm series. This number corresponds to the internet population globally. With the increasing number of internet users, the number of people who do online shopping and make purchasing decisions online is increasing too.  That respectively gives birth to thousands of online platforms spearheaded by millions of digital marketing professionals. Which in effect requires talent guaranteed by digital marketing certification programs provided by any digital marketing agency. It’s like a domino effect with one event setting off another event.


It’s a golden period for digital marketers and even those who wish to start a career in digital marketing. Learn digital marketing from any digital marketing institute and develop best in class skills through digital marketing certification programs. The courses provided by any digital marketing agency as whole consists of a lot of skills enjoined together such as:


·         Digital marketing skills #1: Social media and email marketing


·         Digital marketing skills #2: Affiliate marketing


·         Digital marketing skills #3: Search engine optimization


·         Digital marketing skills #4: Mobile app advertising


 Any individual from any educational background can learn digital marketing through different digital marketing certification programs from a digital marketing company. Some of the platforms to get these programs are:


·         Digital marketing training platform #1: MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses): These are online courses which can be accessed via the internet. This is a digital marketing agency with no physical presence but offers readings, filmed lectures, problem sets, and community interactions.


·         Digital marketing training platform #2: Online universities: Different online universities are present online recognized by the government or private institutes. This works as a digital marketing agency medium which offers graduate, postgraduate, and certificates. 


·         Digital marketing training platform #3: Executive education programs and regular courses of reputed universities: Many reputed universities nowadays offer executive programs in digital marketing at different levels of education. A university can be a great digital marketing institute. As for the regular courses, what can be better than studying the course at graduate or postgraduate institute from regular schools, colleges, and universities? A regular course of study is in higher demand than the courses done from any digital marketing company. 


·         Digital marketing training platform #4: Online certification bodies: There are hundreds of online certification bodies. Some of them have even greater recognizance than going to any digital marketing company can bring.   


Before readying yourself to learn digital marketing, evaluate the courses on these criteria:


·         Course curriculum: Gauge the digital marketing company for training modules and course relevance to the industry practices and trends. 


·         Faculty expertise: Check the course you are going to study for the expertise and experience of the faculty members. 


·         Recognizance: Explore the recommendations and reviews of the digital marketing institute through the online discussion forums and education portals. 


·         Placements: Opt for that digital marketing institute which provides placement opportunities and hands-on experience along with live-projects to work on. 


Build you career in digital marketing with the right tools of courses and institutes and see yourself zooming past and zooming ahead of your competitors. Keep learning and keep reinventing yourself!


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Performance and Talent Management Solutions- Key Drivers to Revenue Growth

Posted on : 11/01/2017 18:07:00

Today, performance and talent management solutions are increasingly becoming one of the biggest new investments in the Human resources. More and more companies are coming forward with big spends in this area. The reason for this shift in approach is pretty clear- When compared to the general industry norms, performance and talent management solutions have proved to give higher financial returns. A number of recent studies have established a clear relationship between the human capital management and a superior revenue growth. Performance management and improved human resource efficiency have proved to bear a direct relationship with an improved business performance and revenues going up about 2-3%.

There are primarily three ways in which talent management solutions can ensure the enterprise’s business performance and ultimately a higher revenue growth-:

•    Incentivizing top performers-:  Reducing costs should not be the only goal of a business organization. Employees that have been performing well in their particular domains should be facilitated well and motivated to take on larger roles. Improved retention policies of companies, in the past, have not only reaped greater dividends but have also instilled a sense of confidence amongst the top performers which in turn leads to competitive sense in the less-effective lot. This pay-for-performance culture allows managers to reward individuals for improved performance and make decisions providing fair and proper compensation. Many companies Use employee skill testing processes to enable them to motivate employees to reach their maximum potential. This provides better results as addressing each individual’s needs in the organization creates a highly motivated workforce that will strive for the best as a whole.

•    Alignment of workforce with the core business strategy-: An improved execution of corporate strategy within the enterprise certainly holds the key to a higher business performance. Motivating a workforce to achieve excellence is to align your talent management policies with company strategy, define consistent leadership and identify specific competencies to achieve continued growth. Also, by communicating goals clearly throughout the organization one creates an environment of transparency. Everyone works towards the same well-defined goals to give out better end results.

•    Creating highly-skilled internal talent pools-: The success of every organization is based on the performance levels and caliber of the employees. Hence it is of utmost importance to identify and manage the talent base from the recruitment pool.  The ones that do, know, that creating the right talent pool and accurate performance management is essential for precise execution of the business goals.

Therefore, it has become quite evident that the companies with proper talent management strategies and processes have better financial performance than those that do not employ them. The focus on creating efficient talent and performance management practices are critical to driving the revenue growth of any enterprise. Effective talent management practices have far-reaching consequences for the growth and advancement of an organization. One could, therefore, conclude that enterprises which maintain a focus on effective talent management will find their organizations better prepared for today’s business challenges and better placed to, therefore, achieve revenue gains.

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Importance of CLO for Organizations

Posted on : 11/01/2017 12:07:28


Steve Kerr, VP of Leadership Development at GE, in 1990, on being promoted approached Jack Welch and joked I’m going to be CEO just like you. Welch responded with a laugh There’s only one of those at GE! You can be Chief Learning Officer. And here was how the World got its first (CLO) Chief Learning Officer. Fast-forward to 2017, and the Corporate is already starting to realize how important it is to have one. Gone are the days when one could have downplayed the need of any such position. Today if enterprises have weighed and most importantly understood the significance of a Learning Officer, it is for their own good.

The way businesses need to educate and train employees to empower them along their career paths continuously changes. To survive and progress in such an ever-changing environment, businesses need to continually manage and upgrade their learning modules and practices. A (CLO) Chief Learning Officer could be thought of as the person in charge of the corporate learning program for a company. CLO’s help to create strategies related to training, learning and development, all within the ambit of creating and sustaining the overall corporate culture. Their responsibilities often include: Developing an organization’s educational process, promoting knowledge management, Overseeing the latest technology, promoting the importance of learning etc and to provide a global learning environment and therefore identify and engage requirements of professionals so that they deliver and sustain effectively, tasks comparable to Chief Operating Officer jobs.

The reason why businesses seem to benefit from such a role is because there is always a need to educate and train employees in order to remain valid, growth-oriented and ‘set apart’ from other companies. Having a person in charge of making sure that a business is always in touch with what is going on in the world, and how to upgrade the business culture and talent pool skills successfully, makes it easier for the organization to adapt to the ‘outside’ growth. Having someone whose specific tasks include making sure that employees are constantly learning new ideas in the process of working is the only way one can strive to build and maintain a successful business.

The Industries that seem to have a Chief Learning Officer include those from Human Resources training, and information technology. Recent studies done to identify the various verticals of businesses that have learning officer jobs gave some results that were not surprising as most of them came from education, learning and HR services. But an 8.5% coming from the healthcare industry surely raised some eyebrows as one would not associate hospitals with a need of a learning officer. It is evident that nearly every Fortune 50 company has a chief learning officer- even if that’s not the current title being used. But more and more, the official job title is becoming mainstream. One could imagine CLO’s tasks as important as Chief Operating Officer jobs.

Therefore, It is about time that businesses and organizations take note of the ever-emerging market trends and assign that all-important task to a learning officer who in turn would make sure the enterprise stays on the right track!

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Credentialing- What Is It & How It Can Help You

Posted on : 17/12/2016 11:15:18

Often this question is raised, what is that a credentialing company does? What is their work profile, or how do they operate? There are many explanations given, some justified, some not up to the mark. So, here are some simple answers explaining how this operates or works.


Credentialing is simply the procedure of evaluating the qualification of a professional. As time has progressed, the importance of credentialing has become refined & significant.


To make it easier to understand, credentialing is more like a verification of the experience & expertise that you’ve gathered on any chosen field. Now a days, it has become very common in almost all the fields for instance, healthcare, insurance, marketing, sales, research, and management to get certified. Various new industries are emerging in this digital age, which has created a demand for a whole new standard & certification.


Credentialing- What Is It & How It Can Help You

When you step out of your house and hop in a cab, don’t you worry if the driver has a license or not. That License is basically a credential of his driving capabilities and certifies him to be eligible to drive on the road. Being certified has become the need of the hour, and credentialing companies are playing a major role in doing so. From helping in building a strong Resume to giving an edge to your profile, credentialing has become paperless over the years. Online certifications work the best these days and being ‘certified’ works in full favor of the professional. The industry has seen the rise of many credentialing companies, but lucky few have sustained and have occupied a prominent space in the market.


A credentialing company provides a certification or attestation to an individual or third parties competency to do a particular task/job. This industry has achieved a global status, thanks to the pro quo benefits they provide.


But what are the co-laterals that these credential companies work on?


Well, they provide certifications to everything possible, to professional working in MNC’s, government employee, students, or as a matter of fact to corporate bodies as well.


The skill gap between education & workforce is one of the reasons which has raised the importance of credentialing & further training. To meet the needs of the employers & industry, there are companies which have established their business in and around credentialing & additional certification. The use of credentials will eventually increase more skilled, competent & intellectual professionals entering the workforce.


The Importance of Credentialing:

For any company, it is very important to set up occupational standards which eventually helps in maintaining the company’s mission. Credentialing helps in various ways for instance –


• Helps in raising the standard of practice & level of professionalism of credentialed professionals.

• Improves the overall reputation & perception of the profession.

• Through globally recognized credentials the worker mobility is empowered.

• Offers consumers with certain assurance about the employees’ knowledge and skill.

• Enhances the good business practices which set the benchmark for the organization


To encourage and promote growth and have an impactful influence, credentialing is important for organizations & industry. Along with it, credentialing leads in significant & sustainable growth through its innovative & unique approaches. Now a days, even a small error can cost a lot to the organization. Now, here Credentialing can actually help you in such unfortunate situation.


The concept of credentialing has been here for a while but surely has gained momentum in the past few years. The need to be certified and approved of your competency has given a big leap to credentialing companies. It has become nearly impossible to find people who don’t have a certification to prove their mantle.


In short, a credentialing company has helped many to prove their professionalism in particular domains. And, this trend is going to spread like a wildfire soon.




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Why Will ‘Only Degree Holders’ Eat their Humble Pie?

Posted on : 15/12/2016 11:47:51

Professional credentials and certifications are—most probably—nowhere as important to professional growth and development as they are now in the Human Resources and Talent Management space. However, there are some valid reasons behind it. Reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics project that the job prospect for HR managers will see an almost 9 percent growth over the period between 2014 and 2024—faster than the usual growth rate of other occupations. Adding to it is the growing war for talent, fast-paced globalization, and the emergence of HR leaders as business partners are slowly but surely bringing a shift to the corporate paradigm. These factors are ultimately compelling companies worldwide to scramble up and strengthen their HR/talent team. Against this backdrop, it seems that a simple college or university degree/diploma falls short of providing HR professionals the ‘much-needed wind’ beneath their wings. Here the edge now stems out only (and only) from good HR certification courses alone!


As opined by veteran HR and talent management professionals, HR certifications can provide this much-needed professional credibility and expertise than any college or university degree/diploma. Further, they help broaden up various advancement opportunities for talent management professionals. In terms of employers’ perspective, most of blue-chip companies prefer recruiting certified HR candidates, while some positions specifically demand HR certification.


For professionals—especially for newbies—having an HR certification is no longer an option. It’s a must! Because certifications enhance the probability of professionals success and testify to a professional’s broader scope of knowledge in this field.


In her article, ‘When a Degree Is Just the Beginning,’ Goldie Blumenstyk predicts a “downright quaint” in the age-old idea related to students earning only a diploma—one single credential—while graduating from college. She strongly advocates that nowadays employers demand something more. She also points out that several universities—even community colleges—are persuading students to get certifications simultaneously while completing their respective courses.


Jamie P. Merisotis, President at Lumina Foundation, also sheds light on the importance of various non-degree credentials and postsecondary certificates—several of which anre being provided by third-party companies, employers, and other bodies these days. According to Merisotis, they have much-needed value not only to students and employers, but also to the society at large.


Indeed, the potential for certified HR and talent management professionals are immense…now and in the times to come as well! If some leading reports revolving around trends in the HR and talent management space are to be believed, the large-scale use of various skill-based HR certifications and credentials are very much likely to change the game in the qualifications and criteria required by talent professionals. They have the potential to close the prevailing skills gap in organizations’ talent department. And most importantly, they are good enough to provide students with a better return on their study.


CSW—Corporation for a Skilled Workforce—in its report titled “Making a Market for Competency-Based Credentials”—has mentioned that earlier, employees, students, and employers used their respective academic diplomas and degrees like a “proxy” for various knowledge and skills required to perform their jobs. However, time has come to complement this practice, thanks to the mounting interest in various competency-centric credentials. It is no less true that top-notch skill-based credentialing in the HR and talent management space can offer more insights into a professional’s proficiencies.


So, long live HR certifications…long live forward-looking HR and talent management professionals. The coming time will see certified HR professionals thriving ahead, while “only degree holders” will have no alternative but to eat their humble pie. Decide now which category you would like to fall in.


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