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Send your child to a good boarding school

Posted on : 10/07/2018 14:19:48

Sending a child to a boarding school is always not an easy decision. The parents need to think a lot about it. First of all every parent has to send their child to a boarding school at a very early age. So taking the child’s opinion does not really matter because they hardly have any idea about how exactly it feels to grow up in a boarding school until and unless they start living that life.


One can find many boarding schools in India Dehradun but the parents need to find the right school for their child. Here are a few things that they should concentrate on, when they are choosing a boarding school for their child.


One should check whether the boarding school only provides the mainstream academic syllabus which is no different from the regular day schools. If that is only offered then it is not the right boarding school for your child. Go for those schools which offer something extra. Each and every good boarding school differs in their approach and that is how it should be.


Boarding school means your child will be staying there and only the appointed teachers will be teaching them and helping them inside and outside the class. Boarding school means there will be no option of attending a coaching class if a student is weak in a subject. If they are lacking behind in anything then only the school teachers will be able to help them. So the parents need to check whether the teachers are proficient in their subjects and are also helping and caring enough for their students.


Boarding schools have a lot of opportunity when it comes to extracurricular activities. These schools have a responsibility to keep their students busy throughout the day apart from the bed time. That is why; they offer a lot of activities so that they can acquire some new hobbies. They give very much importance to non academic skills along with the academic skills. Keeping that in mind, they offer different kinds of sports, dance, music, art and other classes.


Sending your child to a boarding school means they will be staying there and will be coming to home only on vacations. Each and every school has a proper hostel where the students reside. The parents need to check whether the dormitories, beds, the toilets are clean enough because that is the place where their child will be staying. Also one needs to check the canteen and the dining halls to see how hygienic they are.


There are plenty of boarding schools located in almost all parts of India and most of them are located away from the city and mostly in hill stations so that they can have a huge compound and space to put up a school building, hostel, playground and other things necessary for a boarding school, boarding school India Dehradun are also very popular because they have good reputations and they follow a proper rule when it comes to train a student.


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