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Move Forward With Credentials and Certifications in Social Work

Posted on : 11/10/2018 14:07:20

As a social worker, the best way to further your career is a documented recognition for your achievements and specialization. It adds creditability to your profile, along with verified working domains that can very well initiate a whole new career path. Social workers need a number of Professional Credentials as they move forward in their career and gather experience in varying fields.


There are certifications like NASW that provide necessary certifications to social workers. Every professional certification takes into consideration your area of work, experience. It takes into account the skills and specialization acquired. It allows you to evolve and branch out to your own specialty. There are an innumerable areas like family, youth, addiction, hospice, palliative care and many more in social work. You earn a certification that shows your specialization in any one or many of these fields.


Moving Beyond License

Social Service license is different than credentialing with the former being just a basic indicator that you cover all the minimum criteria. Licensure indicates that you have the minimum required education, experience and other requisites to carry on social work. The area and definition of social work changes as per territory and region. A license defines the basic requirements that pronounce you a social worker.


Now License is not an alternative of credential. When you opt for a professional certification in social service it is a voluntary step. To start with it shows your willingness to enhance your skills and marks you as a serious professional. Credentials are practically the next big step after getting a License. You have the education and basic requirements in place and certifications show a high level of commitment towards your work. While you accelerate your career in social work, certifications provide you with a verifiable proof of your skill set and this advantage when combined with education, license and peer reference, provides you with the right opportunity to succeed.


Advantages of Credentials

Certification has more than one advantages. All of these Professional Credentials are run by an organized and recognized forum. You become a part of a broad network of professionals once you get the certification or even enroll for it.


These certifications are stackable and show your commitment towards the work. Certification showcases your achievements, specialization and leadership qualities in a verifiable format.


As they follow a standardized and rather stringent body of regulation, it helps you to align your skills to industry standards. Your ethics, functioning are unquestionable and in accordance with the industry expectations.


When you put forward your application backed by credentialing, it elevates your position as subject matter expert. In most probabilities employers will prefer, a person with serious credentials for a leadership position than a person with just a license.


Certification shows your integrity as a professional and commitment towards the cause or career. It marks your achievements while on the field. So, it goes beyond the traditional credits that you gather in a degree course. It shows practical and real life work achievements. Overall credentialing is a much needed and well deserved boost to your career.


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alanabui wrote on 06/03/2019 13:08:39
  I think you are right to say so. Your share is great, I found a lot of things in your post papas pancakeria  
qanabappyd wrote on 05/11/2018 09:44:25

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