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Know different types of recruitment that you can conduct at the time of hiring

Posted on : 19/02/2018 10:41:37

With new types of recruitment platform coming across, there is no doubt that recruiters are becoming more attractive in terms of hiring the candidate. Hiring managers like you are responsible to gain the attention of maximum number of clients and for which they need to attract new talent. However, the problem with such approach is the right pattern of recruitment which is being ignored. There are so many people who even opt for referral but the fact is, even if it is an important part of hiring, there is no doubt that it allows the employee to actually understand the right candidate with good abilities.


Consider recruitment sad Marketing and sales:

Marketing is one crucial process to build up the reputation and make the brand for the business while it is the sales that enables in converting the audience into loyal customers. If you take a closer look at the recruitment, you will understand that analytics is the lever which helps in creating better efficiencies.  Metrics in this case is measured as the email open rate while engagement with the content team and material is considered to be the data that helps to double up the recruiting process at the home town.


Know the best platforms of recruitment:

Whether you are planning to consider engineering aptitude test or hire the person at a top level, understand that there are two different platforms of recruitment you can rely on such as:


Outbound Recruiting

In this type of recruitment, the leaders that are accepted through sales instead of the traditional approach are considered to be the successful aspect. Similarly, when you wish to measure the success of recruitment, it should focus more on the on-site interview that were done rather than the applicants who actually applied. If a prospect passes the aptitude test and technical screening, and is actually interested in the job it means there are high chances that the person is actually capable for the hob. But if you interview from 100 people and find the 10th one being at the high. This kind of approach would increase the total number of candidates. This type of source is more applicable for the engineering hiring. However, for this it is important for the recruiters to understand that they must create an effective mode of communication which would help them understand the regular changes taking place among the competitive landscape


Inbound Recruiting

Of course, this concept is totally different than that of the outbound recruiting but the fact is, it places an important role in hiring strategy. It has a stronger impact at the first-hand hiring and gives you a good culture at the time of interview process. Every candidate is unique and comes with different motives. In this process the interview is taken and feedback is given to the candidate after 24 hours. During the interview, the person is told about the working culture and what they expect from the candidate.


Understand that as a hiring manager, you must treat recruitment as a part of the culture. You need to understand the objective of the company and get the best possible help with whatever you can.


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