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Learning Management

Learning management and Development is the fastest growing HR specialty off late.

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Posted on : 15/05/2018 15:24:02


A teacher is a person who drives the educational system. They are the ones who interact with students and their parents. A teacher has many roles to play sometimes as a mentor and at times as a guardian as well. A teacher’s role is not only limited to teaching but they must be open to be taught by the students as well. With the advancement of science and technology new tools are becoming part of education system like smart boards connected to the internet for better understanding of the students. Doing jobs in Qatar as a teacher comes with numerous benefits to them.


They handle various responsibilities or we can say duties to justify their job role so as to become a good teacher. Following is the list provided enlisting the responsibilities of a teacher:

  • Preparing  lesson and topics thoroughly  before the delivery in front of the class


  • Motivating and briefing about the topic to  the students before the actual delivery of the lesson


  • They must have the unique quality of linking  the topic with the previous knowledge of the students learnt in the class


  • Developing  and using  the relevant teaching aid or equipment  as well for the better understanding of the students


  • Use a combination of different methods and techniques of teaching so as to ensure that every child in the class understand the topic taught to them


  • Interacting  with the students to instigate curiosity, motivate, and incite thinking, imagination and application of the concept taught in the class


  • Indulging every child of the class by giving them some sought  of  activity or application  based  on the work or assignment beyond the course book, with supervision of how to use various resources and keep a record of the work given


  • Maintaining cleanliness and discipline of the class is the duty of teacher and many more.

There are other duties associated with a teacher outside the classroom like attending morning assembly with the students, maintain the teacher’s diary as per the lesson plan, evaluating the students from time and paying special attention to the weak students, etc.

Procedure to follow to get hired as teacher

You need to complete your graduation or you must have degree of bachelors of education. To be enrolled as teacher for a specific subject you must have degree in that particular subject like if you want to become a chemistry teacher then you must complete your education with chemistry as the main subject and many more whereas the criteria differs little bit for primary teachers.

After graduating you start looking for the jobs but it is very important to walk on the correct path to get a teacher  job in Qatar

Registering on job portals can help you in getting jobs.  If you want to get placed in a reputed school, reaching out for the leading job portal named Monstergulf is the best choice to give it a shot. Here you can upload your CV/ resume for free and adding your credentials like addition of skills, educational qualification and after that you can start your job search.
Working in Qatar offers numerous benefits like medical insurance covered by the government if you are a local resident of the city, and covered by the employer if you are an expat. Tax free income is usually offered to the residents and expats as well and many more making one of the best place for expats to do jobs in Qatar.

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