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How to Get a Parent Visa For Australia

Posted on : 23/02/2018 14:36:48

Good news! If you wish to bring your parents and live than let us assist you! Now The Australian government has presented parent visa classes, which require the instalment of a high application fee to cover medical expenses.


·    Before getting any further it is imperative to see a portion of the primary requirements. First of all, your parent must apply for the parent visa. You can also consult with parent visa free consultation before applying for the visa.


·      The Applicant should be the parent of an Australian citizen.


·    You should finish the adjust of family test (at any rate half of the candidate's kids and step-youngsters must be subjects or changeless Residents in Australia, or a greater amount of the principal candidates kids must be settled permanent citizen or residents of Australia than any other single country).


There are some sorts of contributory parent visa:

Parent Visa:  This visa must be held up outside of Australia. The visa charge is similarly low however standard preparing time spans for parent visas are long and in this manner, contingent upon your financial conditions, it is advisable to consider lodging a contributory parent visa to decrease holding up times significantly. Endeavours to close this visa pathway may proceed.


Aged Parent Visa:  This visa must be held up in Australia. The parent applying must be in Australia and will be allowed a crossing over visa to stay in Australia during the visa processing. The visa charge is similarly low (a couple of thousand dollars) contrasted with the Contributory parent visas however endeavours to close this visa pathway may proceed.


Contributory Parent: This is a lasting visa which costs nearly $50,000 per parent, can be held up in Australia if you are 65 years+ (matured parent) and is by and large handled inside 2 years of the date of the application.


Contributory Parent (Temporary) to Permanent:


Applying for this visa enables you to part the cost of applying for a Contributory Permanent Visa more than 2 phases. It is around half the cost of the permanent contributory parent and you would ordinarily move to apply inside the 2 year visa period for a lasting contributory parent visa. 


The primary criteria are as per the following:

·  Parent must be supported by an Australian citizen or permanent resident child.


·    The youngster must be settled in Australia significance, under arrangement, legitimately occupant for no less than 2 years


·   Parent must fulfil the adjust of family test meaning the aggregate of youngsters permanently resident in Australia must be: The same as, or more than, the number of their children living out of Australia 


There are various different visa options that may lead to Australian permanent residency: 


·     Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143) –You would be able to apply onshore, but there is no bridging visa will be granted.


·    Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804) – You can apply onshore along with bridging visa


·   Parent Visa (subclass 103) – Can apply onshore, but NO bridging visa is granted


·    Contributory Aged Parent Temporary Visa / subclass 884- Could apply onshore and would be able to granted for a bridging visa


·  Contributory Parent Temporary Visa (subclass 173) to Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143) –  Can apply onshore, but NO bridging visa is granted 


Current parent visa options

Although we always welcome this new option for parents, here is very important to note that this is not a permanent residency visa and cannot compete with other parent’s visa options.


For more information, we are available 24*7


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