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Here is How You Can Make a Remarkable Career in Blockchain Technology

Posted on : 30/04/2018 14:39:04

I think we all realize how hot the blockchain industry is right now. Hiring capable blockchain developers is on top of the priority list for organizations making use of this innovative technology. However, the supply of blockchain professionals is not meeting its unwavering demand.

Demand for Blockchain Professionals

Recently, among the top twenty fastest growing job skills, the job that requires you to develop blockchain distributed ledgers has been ranked second. Consequently, job postings for professionals inheriting those skills elevated around 200 percent last year.


Professionals who are well versed in particular blockchain iterations like Hyper Ledger Composer and Solidity are even greater in demand and this demand is expanding steadily.


Salary Structure

With such high demand, it is obvious that the salary of a blockchain professional would be high as well. For blockchain developers along with engineers, the median salary in the United States is almost $130,000 per year. And the yearly median salary of a software engineer is around $105,000 as per Matt Sigelman, job data analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies’ CEO. So if we compare the two, the salary of blockchain professionals is considerably high.


 In the high tech places of the United States (New York City, Boston, Silicon Valley), a blockchain developer is paid approximately $158,000 annually which is $18,000 more than what a general software developer receives.


Furthermore, according to an employment site that works with freelancers called Upwork, bitcoin and blockchain developers are charging as high as $200 an hour for providing their services.


How to obtain Blockchain Skills?

It is advisable to have some prior knowledge of programming languages like Python or Java in order to seek a career in blockchain technology. However, it is not mandatory to do that.


Several universities are offering blockchain courses in the United States that do not necessarily require you to be proficient in programming languages.


    MIT- The institution provides you with two courses related to cryptocurrency engineering and design.


    Stanford University – The university offers an extremely informative course referred to as Bitcoin Engineering. The aim of the course is to impart skills regarding building bitcoin-enabled applications.


    Central Blockchain Council of America – The establishment is providing lots of potent certification courses on blockchain technology. Certified Cryptocurrency Investment Professional and Certified Business Blockchain Specialist are the most well-structured courses that this institution has to offer.


    B9lab- This is a popular startup based in London. It launched a well-designed online program in 2016 called Certified Ethereum Developer Training Program.


Attending an online course on blockchain technology is an excellent way to learn independently. You can save a lot of time and money by doing so. Moreover, there are various blockchain certification vendors today that are organizing programs. For example, Consensys, the Ethereum Foundation, Hyperledger, and Blockapps.


And for people who do not have knowledge of coding do not have to worry anymore as there is no compulsion on you to be a coder to attain the business-oriented learning of blockchain technology.


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