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Guidelines to Follow when Recruiting web developers

Posted on : 18/01/2018 14:14:04

Even in the present time, the process of applying for any job and processing your CV has not changed very much for most jobs. This is just not eh case that is still followed the traditional way when speaking of Technology jobs. In general the way people hire technical professionals has also changed to a much greater extent.


There are a number of employers who make use of social media networks for hiring professionals. You also have the convenience where you can make use of the job recruitment websites online. When searching the internet you may also come across new tactics that employers are making use of for hiring new recruits.


Consoles – Browser

There are a number of tech developers who may prefer to visit a website and try opening their browser console. This is done with an aim to experiment with the websites JS files, CSS features and DOM. Developers may also do this task to help get familiar with the load time offered by the website. This technology can be used by you to help recruit the best developer in the online market.


You need to keep in mind that this is one task that can only be performed by professional developers. So this feature can be used by you to approach best developer who may be ideal for your website.



There are also a number of developers who may be interested in getting familiar with the front codes of the website. You can try and place a HTML tag for developers on this web page conveying your message. This simple HTML test can be used for selecting ideal web developer for your website.


HTML comments can prove very much helpful in recruiting and attracting new developers to join your team.


Human.txt and Robots.txt files

It takes a very professional and technical trained developer to practically check with the robots and human text files on the website. This can be one of eh best places where you can target the developer. You can leave a message for the best developer stating him that he will be welcomed to join your team. These two types of files can be used by you for recruiting best developer.


You have to keep in mind that as these two files are not accessed by everyone so only best developers will be able to access them.


HTTP headers

This area is in general termed as nerd alert area. You can try out adding customized headers for hiring recruits. These types of headers are generally visible on the browser console. You can make use of a request at this point for the developer.


You need to keep in mind that this header will not be viewed by many people. Only a few developers who like to get to the bottom of the things may view this header. These are also the type of developers who may be right person for your organization.


You just have to keep in mind that in present time, tech industry has managed to changes a lot. It is just not restricted to cover letter and CV.


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