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Dos And Don'ts For IELTS Reading Exam

Posted on : 18/06/2019 14:07:03

Are you going to give IELTS exam soon? It seems that you still need to work on reading skills, but do not have the time to go to the IELTS Review Course for a long time? Take the best IELTS institution in Chandigarh and get useful tips in less time with better preparation. If you cannot get involved, supplement your test performance by following the following dos and don'ts and prepare for the IELTS Reading Exam.

Dos for IELTS reading:

Answer many practice exams during your IELTS preparation:

This is the best way to get into the pressures of examinations and to cope with it before taking a real test. If you enroll in a good IELTS coaching center, such as Western Overseas, there is no limit of practice tests to take. Don’t take this advantage for granted, try to solve as much practice paper as you can. If you are not preparing through any coaching center, you can download some mock test online, and you can practice by solving it.

Extend your vocabulary:

Limited vocabulary is one of the most common reasons, due to which test takers take a very long time to read. Every time they face an unusual word, they try to extract and understand the meaning through the reference clues. Avoid this problem by expanding your vocabulary.

Develop your own test strategy:

There are about 14 examination types in the reading exam. Even when you will not encounter everyone, even then it must be ready for everybody. Come with the test strategies for each test type to save time and streamline your test performance. If you are taking IELTS coaching for a short time, do not forget to ask your instructor about their recommended techniques for the examination.

DON’Ts of IELTS Reading:

Depend only on reading speed:

Time is your enemy in reading exam. There is a strict deadline, and the text you want to pass is either too long or plenty. It is likely that you will spend most of the time reading them. Speed reading can cut that time in half. However, it is best that you do not rely on the speed of reading too much. Doing so increases the risk of missing information and other important details. Instead, employ different reading techniques. Use the skimming to get the essence of the text. Use scanning in search of specific information.

Obsess over unfamiliar words:

Here's the point: You do not need to understand everything to get high marks in the IELTS reading exam. All you have to do is find the answer in the text. Therefore, do not worry about facing unfamiliar words and phrases. As long as you do not need to understand them in particular, you can ignore them for a long time. Focus on finding answers.

Ignore instructions:

Only, many candidates lose points because of not following the instructions. So pay close attention to them. The most common instructions for traveling to the test takers is the number of words in the "short answer" examination type. It usually says something like "Do not pick more than three words." Go down or down the word count, and your answer will not be considered.

Do not cut corners while preparing for the IELTS reading exam. Enroll in one of the best IELTS institutes in Chandigarh and to improve your performance, follow these 'dos and don’ts'. Still have a couple of weeks to prepare for the exam, but don’t have the time to travel to and from a training center? You can join the online IELTS coaching of Western Overseas. In the online class, you will be given high quality education similar to the classrooms, without the hassles of commute. For details you can visit their official website.

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