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Data Analytics is finding New Horizons Every Year

Posted on : 13/02/2018 12:27:51

When the buzz about big data was at its peak, it was pretty much about the applications of data analytics in enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing risk and increasing profit. Any academic discipline that finds coinage in the commercial world comes with these promises. As we are well into 2018 data analytics is no longer just a tool for better business. It is much more and doing a lot more. It is time we take a look at some brilliant feats which have been achieved with the help of big data analytics; it may give you a better reason to consider excellent analytics courses as your next career move.


Analytics to reduce child abuse

The number of children victimized by abusive adults has increased frighteningly across the world. The main problem with this sort of crime is that the victim can rarely speak out for himself or herself. The cases of child deaths due to abuse and torture is frightening. Apart from this we also have thousands of children who are ill parented, malnourished and tortured on a regular basis.


The child safety organizations have been found repeatedly to have fallen short of the ask.


A database of information has been created which catalogs various traits shown by abused children. This can be helpful to identify victimized children as well as identify families with abusive nature towards children. Predictive analysis can be used in this way to children and gift thousands with a better childhood.


Revolutionizing healthcare with advanced analysis

Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals have been using data analytics for some time in order to enhance customer experience and ensure profits. What matters a lot more is the fact that with the use of advanced analytics powered by machine learning diagnosis and treatment have been revolutionized. Machine Learning algorithms are being used to detect diseases way faster than manually possible. The symptoms are more accurately judged and the prescription procedure is easier and more accurate.


With the help of healthcare analytics, medical services can be extended to a vaster number of people across the nation in a lesser amount of time.


Enhanced administration

The use of nationwide surveillance cameras have made it easier for the administrative bodies to control crime rates as well as improve civil life. Storing, monitoring and analysing so much footage means a great deal of big data analysis. The developments in analytics technology makes it easier.


A lot of cities around the world have started using predictive analysis to detect crime prone areas and stay ahead of the situation. This model will be followed worldwide in a matter of time.


Analytics has been entangled in civil life so much that its application will only increase with time. Analytics courses can not only solidify your chances of a great career but also ensure a great future for the nation.

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