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Co-Ed Vs Single Sex Schools! What Do You Choose?

Posted on : 05/03/2018 17:09:57

As kids we start of in schools and we spend a large part of our lives in these schools. We start out from where we hate going to schools because of the boring lectures and tons of home works and to the days where we graduate from schools and we wish to go back to the start. But have you ever thought the dilemma your parents go through before picking up the right kind of school for you? Yes, it is not a very simple decision for your parents to make.

One of the dilemmas that are faced by parents is whether to choose a co-ed or not. They both have their own merits and demerits. If you think that single s*x schools are the best for your kids then you could go ahead and search for boys or girls boarding schools in India but if you are confused at all, then I think this article is going to help you out.


Here I am going to mention reasons why parents prefer a co-ed:


·      In a co-ed system, both the genders exist mutually just the way it happens in the real life. This way they both learn to respect each other and survive together.


·    This removes any kinds of fear or awkwardness towards the opposite s*x.


·      There is a healthy and fair competition between both the boys and the girls.


·     This promotes a very healthy attitude in future because out there in the world, both the s*xes battle against each other.


·    There is no discrimination in the laws of the school. Both the s*xes are treated equally and it goes by punishments or rewards. They both have it in a fair way.


Now, these were some of the benefits of the co-ed. But still some parents are convinced that single s*x schools are better option for their kids and the following reasons are in support of that:


·    The biggest benefit is that there are fewer distractions. Often in co-ed schools children feel infatuated towards one another which hampers their studies.


·    These schools are designed to focus on one single gender and hence focus on understanding their mind set and promoting it.


·     There are specific gender specific teaching methods used by the staff for the benefit of the students.


·    Staying with the similar s*x helps one be more comfortable and helps in performing even better.


·      Different gender needs are catered better in single s*x schools


So, these were some of the benefits you child would get if you enrol them into the single s*x schools. If you were having doubts you can now take a breath of relief. Whichever side makes more sense to you, pick that one for your kid because as parents we always want the best for our kids. 


You will find some of the best girls boarding school and folks if you were looking up this article for your son, then don’t worry because our country has some great schools for boys too!


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