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Learning management and Development is the fastest growing HR specialty off late.

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Best HR Certification Courses of 2018

Posted on : 17/09/2018 15:13:00

The field of Human Resources is receiving a high stature in a business world, especially, after it has revamped itself and taken up the critical responsibility of elevating the reputation and revenues of organizations by making hardcore efforts in maintaining a competent & satisfied workforce.


Those days have passed by when the HR department was limited to just performing administrative duties such as positioning new employees into the organization, though, some people still think that HR practitioners are still involved in doing small-scale, minor jobs in a company.


But, in reality, HR professionals are not only responsible for acquiring talent but also for their onboarding, training, measuring performance, handling compensation & benefits of the employees and, developing policies and strategies at a higher level. So fundamentally, the human resources professionals of an organization are involved in each and every phase of the employee lifecycle, from the selection of the employees to their grooming as per the organization’s environment to their departure from the company.


This means that the HR plays an enormous role in the success of an organization and this has given rise to multiple contenders for jobs in the HR sector. After all, they have become a valuable contributor in boardroom discussions.


And to cater to a large audience trying to get into the world of HR, a plethora of certifications have been introduced by highly-renowned institutions making an effort to maintain a steady supply of capable HR professionals to the lucrative sphere of human resources.


In case, you plan to join the HR arena and are looking for a useful HR qualification to earn in order to make your Human Resources journey a smooth one, here is a list of the best HR certification courses out there.


1.    Professional in Human Resources


Offered by the HR Certification Institute, PHR is an excellent program to establish yourself in the HR field. So, if you have entered the HR zone and are searching for better opportunities to advance in your career, this is an appropriate certification course for you.


After you are done with this program, you will be able to showcase your expertise in the operational as well as the technical elements of human resources.


2.    Talent Management Practitioner

Keeping in mind the significance of acquiring, training and retaining talent by the HR practitioners of today, the Talent Management Institute has introduced this program to help you gain the skills required to identify and coach others as a leader of the HR industry.


Talent Management Practitioner has the ability to act as a strong evidence of your potential as a modern human resources professional.


3.    Global Fellow Program in Talent Management:

When it comes to Global HR Certification Courses, Global Fellow Program in Talent Management is one of the most well-structured ones in the market.


As almost every organization is going international these days, it is crucial for HR professionals to know as well as abide by the global policies and programs of the human resources sphere. And that is what this Global HR Certification Course focusses on.


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