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Working In A Multinational Company: An Overview

By : Guest on 16 April 2015 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

Along with the increasing globalization more and more people all over the world prefer to work with the multinational organizations. Working for an international company is no doubt exciting and advantageous in many ways. At the same time it may direct to some critical challenges. As each of the multinational companies is different from each other it is very important to understand the entire phenomena before applying for a global job.


The competition for work in the multinational companies is increasing day by day. This is mainly because the world is becoming globalized each day. Most of the professionals are attracted towards the high pay scale and the other opportunities a multinational company provides. At the same time they are equally curious about how is it like working in multinational companies. Read on to know the smallest tit bits, which will prove helpful, specially if you are applying to overseas jobs.


Job opportunities


Working for a larger company no doubt offers more career opportunities. The scenario is even broader with a multinational company. Such a company provides job opportunities all around the world. A marketing professional working in a multinational company has the opportunity to work in the same position in nations like Europe or in any other province of Asia. Numerous jobs are even offered by the multinational companies that do not exist in the domestic sphere. Some examples of such work positions are foreign division management, international sales representative, translators etc.


Diverse environment


Your views of having a diverse workforce affect your appreciation level for diversity. Generally the multinational companies offer a workplace with people from all over the world with different cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. This no doubt gives you a broader working experience. This is heightened if you are working overseas or are travelling for job purpose. You get a golden chance to learn different cultures and broaden your knowledge and experience.


Cultural obstacles


The culture of the organization can be a bit challenging for the employers as everyone might not be comfortable with the culture. This organizational culture includes some shared values and norms of the company that affects the overall drive of the workforce. Most of the global companies have positive culture that is developed on the basis of shared values. These cultures are challenging as the workforce is spread across various countries. The backgrounds of the people often comprises of their values. For example the US companies pays more importance to orientation of time, but the Latin companies are more concerned about promoting relationships than time management. Such disparity can create clash between workers. This in turn can affect the human resource to execute efficient culture structure system.


Job challenges and conflicts


Most of the employees in a multinational company have colleagues from different departments as well as from different countries. The marketing professionals need to collaborate with colleagues from each country once. This innovative set up can give rise to team conflict as well as interpersonal conflict. All such collaborations and conversations take place through technology which can lead to contextual misunderstanding and can also slow down the pace of communication. You may need to wait while running a global campaign in order to get the response or feedback.


Advantages of MNC’s


The underdeveloped countries as well as the developing countries enjoy numerous advantages owing to the MNC’s established there. Some of the advantages are


- Reduction in the technological gap

- Initiation of a higher level of investment

- Utilization of the natural resource

- Reduction in the foreign exchange gap

- Booting up of the economic structure


These advantages are especially helpful if you are applying to overseas jobs.


Disadvantages of MNC’s


“Without contrary no progression.” along with the above mentioned advantages there are several disadvantages of MNC’s as well. Some of the visible disadvantages are


· Environmental hazards and pollution

· Competition with the SMSI

· Exploiting natural resources

· Some MNC’s are established with the sole aim of tax benefit

· Less employment opportunities

· Forex Imbalance and Diffusion of profits

· Working conditions and environment

· Economic distress

· Decision making procedure slowed down


Why MNC’s are coming to India


Different reasons are there as to why MNC’s are coming down to India. There is a huge market in India. Moreover India has also got the world’s faster growing economy. along with these factors the policy of the FDI has also led to a significant role in drawing the multinational companies in India. This scenario has been intact since the economic liberation of the country on 1991.


In other words it can be said that life in a multinational company is both exciting as well as challenging. To answer the question how is it like working in multinational companies you need to face the situation yourself. However, no doubt working in a multinational company means a high paid job. 

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