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Things to be considered before Investing

By : navneet bhandari on 28 June 2017 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

Things to be considered before investing


It’s a old proverb that Half knowledge is Dangerous & when your investments are in question, it would be very risky. In order to invest, you should be aware of every aspect of it. You should also aware of risk associated with it & hoe to mitigate it. In every investment there is a risk & a rational investor knows how to mitigate it. It require lots of study but it would save you defiantly. Followings may help you to take decisions:

1. Define your goal: Everyone’s life is different & so as their financial goals. Before investing you should sit down calmly with pen & paper and decide what your financial goals are. Risk scale, your comfort level for risk, your current age influence it. You can take the help of expert also.

2. Search for options: Keeping in mind your financial goal you should search for an option for investment. There are several options available such as stock, bonds, mutual funds, insurances, Fixed deposit etc... The term Liquidity should be kept in mind. Liquidity means the investment which is easily assessable to you whenever needed. While searching an option you should find the experiences of other, feedback of existing investors.

3. Portfolio: Portfolio should be managed properly. Consider the options which consist of appropriate mix of categories of investment. Hedging of risk can be done by managing portfolio. Generally all type of investment do not perform in same manner. Some may be up & some may perform downlines. Diversify your investment & manage your risk.

4. Review: It’s not enough to invest & relax. You should review your investment periodically to check its growth level is in order or not. There may be economical, political, environmental changes which may change your portfolio. So you should review investment & manage portfolio accordingly.

Conclusion: A proper understanding of investment options, risk associated with it& the mitigation techniques may save you & your investments.


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Navneet Bhandari

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