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Rare Indian Coins as an investment

By : Guest on 13 December 2018 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

Seasoned investors believe in diversification of portfolio. They evaluate varied options to invest and grow their money. Investment into art as one of the option has gained attraction in recent years. There is another asset class that the investors can explore and capitalize. And this asset class is numismatics.


Numismatics is now gaining lot of attention since this is one investment that not only comes without a volatility but more importantly has the capability to give high returns as well. Let us look at the reasons why this is a good option for one and all.


Limited availability


We all know that the supply and availability of a product determine its prices. The rare coins have a limitation on the availability and hence it makes it a good option. The rareness of a coin will improve the return on investment. Contrary to some of the arguments that even the rare coins have a limited scope on returns, both national and international auction houses have been bringing rare coins at much higher base price. With numismatic demand steadily growing globally, the Indian coins can be a good option for all investors.


Low entry point


One may tend to think that the coins attract a huge investment. But the fact is that the same can get initiated for as low as Rs 2000. Indian government keeps issues commemorative coins and anyone can apply for these coins. Now one may think how would investment into a commemorative coin give returns. The fact is that these are issued in a limited number and as these age the price of the coins grows. Owing to low entry point these can be a good investment option for a large segment.


Three important aspects


For better understanding on what to look at while exploring the option of buying a coin following three aspects must be looked at.


Age: The age of coin refers to the year of it getting minted. Owing to long history, the Indian coins date as back as Indus Valley civilization. The rare Indian coins have a global demand given the historic value.


Availability: The availability of coins make a lot of difference to the price point that can be demanded. Since the rare coins have limited availability the


Metallurgy: There are coins minted out of various metals including gold, silver and copper. The metal used to mint the coin also adds to the value. The gold coins would without any doubt have more value than the ones minted in other metals.


Rich and Diverse Indian History


Being an ancient civilization does add a lot of value to the whole proposition of investment into the coins. The history goes as back as 5,000 years and the coins being available as earlier as Harappa and Mohanjodaro civilizations. Also the fact that there have been various rulers on the diverse land of our country and each one of them has issued coins with different embossing, adds to the richness of the Indian coins.


The Indian coins have since been evidence to the rich historic journey that our country observed, they become a good source of investment. There have been coins not only representing the rulers but even the religions. There have been coins commemorating important events in the history that add to the value of the coinage.


Another aspect that adds value is the denomination. From “ratti”, “masha”, “tola” to gold mohurs, the Indian coinage’s denominations give vast options to investor to choose from.


Starting to invest


If you are looking at opting to invest into numismatics, then it will be important for you to ascertain that the coin that you are buying is genuine. A simple way is to buy these only from the established auction houses who certify the genuineness. 

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