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Making the step up to international management: have you got what it takes?

By : mita basak on 20 August 2015 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

The requirements for international management are as varied as the role itself; applicants should have significant managerial experience, as well as a vast working knowledge of senior roles, impeccable communication skills, the ability to network and create links with other businesses internationally, excellent leadership and delegation qualities, and awareness of, and respect for, cultural diversity – along with many other desirable attributes.


The expectations of the job are equally diverse; managers must develop and maintain strategies that will unify operations around the world, ensure guidelines are enforced, and build relationships wherever they are in the world.


When it comes to applying for international management positions, qualifications are essential, as are foreign languages. If you have worked your way through senior positions, it may be beneficial at this point to examine plausible training routes – particularly if you’re entering unfamiliar territory.


International management can be an incredibly demanding job, with long hours, sacrifices, and the need to make quick decisions, as well as more responsibility than many could imagine, and challenges that are born from the job itself. These include the sudden addition of workforces in other countries, as well as in your own office, and the need to keep tabs on a much wider economy.


Whether you’re applying for an internal promotion or applying for a new company altogether, it is essential to research the role, the company, and every aspect of its operations – even if you’ve been living and breathing them for the last few years. Managers at a global level will be expected to understand so much more than those in less-senior roles, and the levels of responsibility are significantly higher. Spend time adjusting your resume, improving skills that are lacking, and considering whether the role is really for you; international management positions are for those with drive, passion, and ambition, and should not be applied for if you’re ever unsure you have what it takes to succeed.


Taking your ambitions further


There is no denying that this kind of management on a global scale – in which multiple offices, huge sales forces, and transatlantic teams of people are involved – can be somewhat daunting. International management brings with it challenges aplenty, the opportunity to learn so much more, and a wealth of new experiences.


For the right person, a position within global management is the chance to put everything that you’ve learned into practice, and to truly succeed. Take Bob Bratt of DLA Piper, for example; his 30 years of managerial experience have proved absolutely vital in helping him to secure the role of Chief Operating Officer at an international law firm, while everything that he has learned up until this point will no doubt have proved invaluable along the way. DLA Piper provides global business law services to over 30 countries, making Bob Bratt’s job particularly daunting. Luckily, as well as senior-level experience, he has a drive to succeed. This drive is key if you are to achieve the same levels of success in your chosen career.


If you have enjoyed success at a management level, there is no reason why you shouldn’t aim a little higher. Have you got what it takes?

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Wrote on 09 December 2018


Manali Singh

Manali Singh

Wrote on 25 January 2016

Thank you for the article Mita! Having done my Masters in Management Studies, I had considered getting into International management but decided against it due to the lack of a specific job profile at the time. Is this the right time or should I wait?



Wrote on 31 August 2015

Thanks for your useful information. For Railway Jobs visit

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