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How students are robbed?

By : Dr.G. Balakrishnan ph.d on 28 June 2017 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

'Forget,,,coaching classes.'

People are misled, on what is Education?
Education = 'draw knowledge' is the real meaning. 
Parents must not be misled, so too the children.
IIT -JEE entrance clearly means, ' Entrance', that entrance cannot really qualify you even if you pass the test, after all in IIT you need to do the very relevant engineering course to be a good engineer,
If you cannot really have the clear ability, say in any branch of 'learning', you cannot have right ability to do the very course, so obviously you need to know,clearly  'you shall have adequate ability in the main course, that is based upon your clear interest in the course, like a highly focused person'., if you cannot be  really 'focused' in that branch, you will turn out to be a big 'Zero';
So, you can know, why many  3rd grade students in IITs are surfacing.from this very fact.
Parents simply forcing their wards as students in that branch of knowledge, the parents only force those wards 'to commit suicides' is the real fact, like a partner in progress with these 'coaching classes', who only make 'your ward'  just crack the so called 'Entrance' tests, but cannot help the student to clear IIT course very creditably    
In other words, very parents thinking, 'any one'  can do any course, is obviously most 'irrational thought'.
You could have earlier noted when 'Infosys' mentor Narayanamurthy said recently,the Engineers recruited for IT work proved not satisfactory in the company so they had to spend on them  quite a lot of time and money, in their 'inhouse programmes' yet many turned out to be 'productive'; so he said, 'We decided to take not engineering graduates from colleges, instead , we took just creditable  XII passes, and engage them in the 'inhouse programmes' to duly train them, and we found they are apart from being 'cheaper intakes' besides they turn out to be best IT employees  - 'software engineers'; same is followed quite a lot of IT companies today in Bangalore, Chennai.
They hire now IT engineer trainees just for 12000 or 15000 per month and train them and the report is these XIIth science passed students turn out to be a better asset to the companies.
Recently one company tried to hire at very high salaries, some 'IIT' students, but they could not take them though the companies told them that they have to wait till opening arises; that caused a lot of bad blood between the IITs and the  companies; some IITs even did not invite such 'defaulters' - reason  the companies even did not want to go to IITs, better we take lesser qualified at lower salaries, after all we do not grow cash on tress to pay these guys.
IITs and IIMs ganged up against such companies who made offers but did not engage them - the students they recruited - obviously, the companies agreed the selection process is not upto mark, just because they went by ' college brands like IITs/IIMs', that shows, how the levels of education itself fell down to just 'edges'. So the levels of these very institutions once enjoyed prestige had taken beating even abroad,like in the USA, the UK and elsewhere.
Who brought the levels of these institutions,just the 'students' obviously because the level of attainments in the student is indeed very low caused by these so called coaching institutes which just helped the students just crack the 'Entrance' exams only is obvious fact; besides these IITs just depended on the marks gave admissions to such IIT-JEE crackers thanks to  the coaching classes, which either by fair or unfair means made the so called toppers  is the obvious fact.
Another great truth came to light is, 'without one's real aptitude and ability to prosecute the main functional course for some years' like B.Tech or so, cannot be substuted by the so called 'Entrance Examinations'.
Again recently another fact came to light to me 'some education counseling' institutes 
started demanding from students for admissions, ask their counsellors to take out the prospective candidates just Rs.50 lacs for just admissions into Engineering or Medical courses, in nexus with the colleges here and abroad.
some students who cannot afford to pay were asked to take educational loans' from banks under similar kind of these institutes and the banks nexus, after all banks earn quite a lot like these institutes over periods of time involved in 'loan services', another racket in progress.
Parents needs to be weary about these kinds of traders in education; parents also be meaningfully understanding of the levels of abilities of their own wards, than being assessed by these so called 'assessors' in education. is a warning to parents as also to students.
Recently John Kelly . secretary if state of the USA when visited he said we take students not by 'marks' alone meaning thereby 'one needs to know , in the USA, the very good colleges  when find one is deficient in any area asks that person to do so many courses additional  courses to take to the main courses.
This means one is to be equipped better to do the  relevant courses. Hope parents would be careful when suggesting their wards to do courses; but the real aptitude is the prima donna, for doing any course any where.
I know a case, a father Agnel XIIth science boy in 1990s  on the basis of his marks joined some BE computer science course in some engineering college in very New Bombay then, but he failed in the 1st year, and he never could complete the course and turned mad, and suffered serious set backs, as his parents thought he is very suitable for the course, but why he failed consistently and turned mad, and none could admit the failure ; but they forced him that ultimately made him a great 'drop out' thanks to the so called 'marks' ideas we suffer even today.
The problem was , he had no real aptitude for the course. So Aptitude is vital not 'just marks' alone.
I know quite a lot without having done engineering or medicine, just cannot be fit to be in that branch of learning. What use the money can pay either by selling properties or by big bank loans.
Realise as a parent, without real aptitude 'None can do any course you want one to do'. Coaching institutes are just fleecers, counselors another fleecers just tell you to travel on Eldorado -a f=dream land.
Many colleges and institutes are  some so called 'New fleecing areas today.
It is like some relationship managerial team (new jobs created) in these institutes, colleges, these counsellors do not counselling as such but just promote their employers objectives.
Therefore 'Be Aware' balakrishnan
professor emeritus
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