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Food for thought for MBAs and potential managers

By : kooveli madom on 31 August 2015 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse


What you need to grow and develop in your life


  • Practice continuous learning, be ready to unlearn and relearn
  • Have an open mind and enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy doing
  • Opportunities exist, if you have an open eye, ear and most important mind to grab it
  • Keep physically and emotionally fit
  • Build and maintain professional and social network
  • Believe in myself, have a can do and will do attitude
  • Dare to fail, learn from failures
  • Be simple, humble, young in mind, learn from others
  • Remember failures (setbacks) make you wiser, success only blinds you
  • Look forward to the best and be prepared for the worst
  • Believe that there is no one right way, there can be many
  • You can be different, be right in your own way and you can make a difference
  • Everyone is looking for someone to bell the cat, why can’t I be that someone!
  • Be adaptable;  that doesn’t mean lack of direction
  • Believe you have lot to give and also take from others
  • Human beings are basically good, circumstances make them what they are. Everyone has a story. Listening to another’s story makes you wiser and humane; not lesser of you
  • If I challenge someone, I should be prepared to get injured!
  • You can start a new life anytime if you want it that way. You may want to rebrand yourself to break away from others’ legacy perception of you, to break out of the mould and be a new you. Dare to venture into that
  • Not taking risk is the greatest risk








Essential qualities to become a successful leader


  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Look forward to and enjoy challenges; learn from failures
  • Be open to learn, change, adapt
  • Practice honesty and integrity, not hippocratic
  • Accept failures (setbacks) as fact of life and don’t accept them lying down
  • When someone laughs at you, laugh with them
  • Have the competitive spirit of a sportsman and resoluteness of a general
  • Be able to see what is invisible
  • You can’t and don’t have to correct everyone, correct yourself
  • One should see the world in all its manifestations, to gain confidence, develop leadership and courage to face the consequences.
  • Believe you are no less than anyone, you need to excel in what you take up, not content with sloganeering, empty displays, conspicuous consumption and vulgar life styles,


  • If you have to challenge status quo do it here and now, as if there is no tomorrow
  • Remember no one needs sympathy, those in distress need empathy, majority need not be right always
  • There is no level playing field in the real world, if that were so, you would never find the rich and the poor as you find them today and you would have to rewrite books on core competency, SWOT, competitive advantages of nations and so on
  • The clamor for level playing field is in fact seeking that differentiator by those who do it
  • Enjoying good life that one has earned is no crime
  • Integrity will ultimately pay
  • One can enjoy in different ways, not necessarily through displayed consumerism
  • Happiness is an inner state of the mind not a display of grand life
  • There is no real charity, even charity displayed comes with a hidden price. Even good health comes with a price






What can professionals do on their own


  • Develop right attitudes, values and practices
  • Demonstrate honesty and professional integrity in whatever you do, no lip service
  • Cultivate openness to continuous learning, shed hypocrisy
  • Develop and nurture a quality culture
  • Be bold to state facts, hold your ground even at a price
  • Don’t look for short term gains, it doesn’t stay
  • Satisfy yourself before your try to satisfy others, don’t wait for an inspector to right the wrong
  • Set high standards in all that you are involved
  • Believe you can and you will, you will
  • There are no failures in life only setbacks that are transient in nature; never lose your balanced state of mind  in adversity or when you don’t get what you are after
  • Every dog has its day, wait for yours and believe others too will have their day
  • Humility will pay
  • The day you find yourself comfortable on a job, it is time to start introspecting if something is wrong and it is time you moved on. The feeling of comfort is a slow poison, it is a stumbling block to progress as there is nothing you see challenging. This means you are underutilized and need to find a new space where you can exploit your potential



Source : own experience of three plus decades in industry, consulting, training and mba education ,
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kooveli madom

kooveli madom

Wrote on 22 September 2015

thank u

kartik mittal

kartik mittal

Wrote on 16 September 2015

Very beneficial things are told to be a good leader.really appreciate it

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