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Does Credit Score Reflect Personality?

By : Guest on 16 February 2018 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

There are a lot of things which can describe your personality. For instance, if you have a good physic, people will assume you a person who takes workouts seriously. Similarly, if someone sits in your vehicle and the interiors and exterior of your car looks and feels good as new, they will think you are a person with a taste of cars and have sound knowledge of how to maintain it. There are many such factors which describe your personalities if different ways, but there are some things which help people and companies understand who you really are. One of them is your credit score.


Imagine you walk into a bank and you are trying to apply for a loan, the bank will give you a lot of respect and your loan gets sanctioned in no time. You start imagining how did this happen so instantly? The answer to this is you have a great cibil score.


A good credit score reflects a lot about you. In today’s world, a good credit score can not only get you a speedy loan but also can help you land on your dream job.


So what does your cibil score say about you when a company looks at it? Is there a scope to improve cibil score?


Financial status


The most important thing revealed while someone checks your credit score is your financial health. The score is calculated on basis of a lot of factors which comes from different sources like lenders, credit card companies etc.  This information is stored with credit bureaus and stay with them for a very long time. For Example, if you happen to default a couple of payments on your credit card, the transaction stays in your report for at least five years. This will showcase your financial behavior to whoever is looking at your report and give them a clear idea of what is your financial status.




Apart from financial status, the report says a lot about your personality. This is one of the reasons why employers these days conduct credit verifications. This is to understand how the person is in terms of financial integrity before the employer gives them large financial projects to handle.




Planning plays an important role in everyone’s life. If a person plans before opting for a financial product that reflects the person is good with planning. There are instances where people take personal loans to quench tier luxury wants but later end up in the loan defaulter list.This happens because of lack of planning and this reflects on your credit report.


If you organize yourself while taking a loan or a credit card by knowing the terms and conditions of the lender, you can ace your financial planning and keep your credit score intact.




After you have planned a loan and also get the loan sanctioned, the next step is to maintain discipline with your payments. Paying your EMIs and credit card bills is the simplest thing you can do if you have planned your finances well. This can also help you enhance your cibil score in no time. If you are not paying your EMIs on time as per the lender’s agreement, it reflects that you lack discipline. Obviously, if you have planned your finances well and intend not to make any unwanted spends, there will be times you would swipe your credit card without bothering about your plan also reflects you lack discipline. This will only drown you in debts and your cibil score will go for a toss.




If you have taken a loan, it’s obvious that you make the payment back. There are people who do not intend to make the payments back. They purposely don’t pay their EMIs and the same gets reflected in your report. This then showcases that you don’t have integrity on what you do as a person. This can cause a problem in long run.


Finance is the best way to evaluate someone’s personality. There used to be a time, where people used to get judged by how much money they make, what vehicle a person owns, etc. This is not the case today, a cibil score not only describes your personality but also helps companies understand who you really are. Try being a good person and have a great personality not only from appearance but also from inside.

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