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5 Must Have Items for Easy Hostel Life

By : Rajveer Khanna on 03 July 2017 E-mail Comments     Print Print  Report Abuse

All set to embark on a new life? For every student, college is a start of a new journey. As a college student, a lot will change your life. You will have greater independence, especially if you are heading to a hostel. Staying in a hostel will require significant adjustment. Although fun and exciting, it will be very different from living at home. You will encounter new people and will have to get familiar with things that you have never experienced before. Also, hostel life will be challenging. From doing your laundryto managing your finance,you will find a new meaning to independent living.  However, with the right attitude and support of few items, you can sail through your hostel life. So, without further ado, we have put together a list of following items that will ease your life in a hostel considerably-


Carry Ear Plugs


Engineering college hostels have the reputation of being extremely active at night. Students will be swarming from one corridor to the other, working on projects and playing video games,etc. Therefore, if you have enrolled in the best B.Tech Course of your dream, be prepared to experience the mayhem of college hostel life. Finding a quiet and siren environment to sleep is a far-fetched thought. Therefore, carrying ear plugs make absolute sense.



Affordable and readily available, ear plugs will come to your rescue when you are struggling to sleep because of all the mayhem outside your room. We all understand the relevance of a good night rest, especially if you have an important class to attend the next morning.


Invest in a Hot Plate


This is a known fact that hostel food can be unappetizing and insipid. Although you have the option of eating outside, it will leave a big hole in your pocket. As a college student, you have access to limited money and spending much money on food can throw your budget out of sync. A more practical choice is to occasional cook food in your room.  Hot plate or induction stove is a great investment.  Easy to use and safe, with the induction stove you can warm milk, make instant noodles or tea.


In addition to that, if you are an ambitious or you have basic cooking skills, you can pool resources and prepare a full-fledged meal in your hostel room for special occasions. Hostel life is all about adventure and learning to cook in your dorm room will be an experience of a kind.


Buy necessary Utensils


If you are considering cooking, you will also need basic utensils like a pan, cup, a few plates,etc. Secondly, if you are investing in a hot plate, make sure you buy a set of necessary utensils that are induction proof.


Get clothes Lines


Here is a thing about hostel life, your clothes; especially your undergarments can get mixed up with that of others. You can also loose or misplace your favourite set of clothes. To save you from this debacle, get a portable clothes line. After doing your laundry, you can hang your clothes on the line and place it in your room. This way you will never have to worry about misplacing your precious clothes.


Get an Organizer


Living independently and away from home means that you must showcase greater responsibility towards your belonging. Things like your laptop charger, mobile charger, ID cards and other relevant documents needs to be secured. For this purpose, get a personal organizer. Store all the important things in the organizer; it will be easier to keep as well as retrieve whenever necessary.


You have enrolled in the best B.Tech course in an institute like BML Munjal University which is known for a vibrant college and hostel life. If you have never lived away from home, staying in the hostel may ensue a mixed feeling. While some students love their hostel lives from the moment they step into out, others might struggle to adjust to their new lives.  Whatever is the case with you, remember that the next 3 to 4 years, the college dorm is going to be your home. Therefore, make the most of your time.

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