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Are you satisfied with Budget 2015?
Can't say

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The Dressed up Budget

02 March 2015 Featured Article

So, what *really* was the colour of that dress? You know, the one that broke the internet. Was it white or gold as it appeared at first glance to a lot of people....

Management Lessons from Bollywood Satsangs- the Enter-Trainer way

18 February 2015 Featured Article

I take “Bollywood satsangs” in various forums where I run the movie & introduce my audience to the pearls of wisdom which are hidden in the movies...

Bob Burg Best Selling Author Bob Burg Best Selling Author of "The Go-Giver" shares his 5 Laws of Success

05 December 2014 Featured Interview

Bob Burg is a much sought after speaker on topics important for success of business enterprises, including Fortune 500 Companies. He has written some of the best- sellers.

Remedies to career stagnation for senior management emloyees

23 September 2014 Featured Article

I recently consulted Praveen (name changed), a senior level manager employed with a large corporate, who according to him was facing ...

Self Marketing: The course of existence towards excellence

22 September 2014 Featured Article

When was the last time you sold something?….Oh it was yesterday itself! Every day we are selling ourselves or a part of us. We are selling our thoughts and intellect to our friends and peers....

Why get an MBA over other Business Management Courses?

26 August 2014 Featured Article

What motivates students to pursue the MBA qualification and why get an MBA over other business management courses?


w How to ask for referrals

How to ask customers for referals?...

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