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What is the reputation of Online MBA courses in India?
Very good

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Why get an MBA over other Business Management Courses?

26 August 2014 Featured Article

What motivates students to pursue the MBA qualification and why get an MBA over other business management courses?

Month-wise Strategy to prepare for CAT

17 June 2014 Featured Article

Given that students would be thinking of commencing preparation for the CAT exam, here is a on how candidates could go about their preparation over the next few months....

Why MBA Specializations Matter?

31 May 2014 Featured Article

An MBA degree is necessarily generalist in nature. It has to cover general aspects of management, such as finance, marketing, accounting and strategy for example. Historically, many schools have offered a functional specialization..

Rajeev Jain

30 April 2014 Featured Member

Rajeev Jain (M.Sc., MBA) is an internationally recognized, award winning professional, author, consultant & business management professional with 20 years of experience. His avidness to help makes him a gem of MCI.

Growing Interest in E-commerce from India's MBA Graduates

30 April 2014 Featured Article

A survey conducted by global market research firm Nielson and shared exclusively with the Times of India has revealed that, among India’s MBA graduates...

Choosing an MBA Program: Is There a Right Way to do it?

19 April 2014 Featured Article

One of the first and most common mistakes that I see MBA candidates make is that they think there is a methodology or a right way for choosing an MBA program...


CAT 2014 Registration

This video has been designed to help candidates successfully apply and register for the CAT 2014 exa...

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Financial Research Workshop


India Finance Conference 2014

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